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Women's Fiction Day 2022

What is Women's Fiction?

If you ask me when I'm at a book signing I might joke that it's the trashcan punch genre - and I mean that in a very loving way (there's some awesome trashcan punch!).

Women's Fiction novels can have adventure, they can have romance, a love story, they can be funny, tragic, heartwarming. They can be about friendships, partners, mother-daughter, father-daughter and sibling relationships.

In short, Women's Fiction is a genre as diverse as our beautiful planet. It's a chance for us to slip into someone else's lives and to learn their struggles and their successes.

It's because of this diversity of storytelling that I am proud to say I'm a proud Women's Fiction author and member of the Women's Fiction Writers Association.

June 8 is the day we celebrate this big tent genre and all of the wonderful stories and authors in it. To celebrate, I'm giving away a signed copy of Dire's Club (enter here!) and you should hop on over to the WFWA Website to check out some other great giveaways.

Happy Women's Fiction Day!

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