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Dire's Club: A Reader's Guide

Want to have a guide to lead your book club discussion of Dire's Club? Below are a list of questions. Enjoy!

1. Dire’s Club covers something that we all experience yet try not to think about – death. Has this book had you look at your own mortality differently, and if so, how?

2. The cast of characters in Dire’s Club are all very different yet find commonalities. Is there a character you resonate with most, and why?

3. Charlotte’s journey is very different from everyone else’s, yet in her mind she is dying just the same. And death by suicide can be a rather polarizing topic. Has Charlotte’s story changed your opinion of people suffering from extreme depression?

4. Levi just wants one more raucous good time. Why do you think he chose this for his final adventure?

5. Celeste is faced with the realization that her memories, and what makes her her, may one day be gone. How is that different than other deaths her fellow Diers are experiencing?

6. Dylan is the youngest Dier on the trip. How does his experience differ from that of the others?

7. Lourdes and Jimmy find themselves falling in love, an experience that is completely opposite of her facing a terminal cancer diagnosis. How does love in the face of death differ than falling in love without it?

8. Jimmy Dire runs a unique business, but it’s purely fictional. Let’s say it really does exist. If you have a terminal illness, would you seek out Jimmy’s services? If so, what would be your final adventure?

9. In addition to life and death, what are some themes explored in Dire’s Club? Which theme do you think Dire’s Club is really about?

10. What did you think about the ending? Was it satisfying? If not, how would you end it?

11. If you could ask the author a question, what would it be?

12. Has Dire’s Club changed you? If so, how?

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