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PHOENIX (Book 1)

Her criminal past is behind her. The road to revenge is ahead. But the pit stop she makes along the way could reroute her life. 


Amanda Martin refuses to burn for the crimes of her manipulative ex-boyfriend. After all, he was the one who strong-armed her into committing fraud and left her to shoulder the blame. When an enraged investor sets fire to their office building, she scrambles onto the first bus out of the city. With the authorities hunting for her, she hides out to plot her revenge in the last place anyone would look—the tiny Texas town of Phoenix.


But when Amanda uncovers a hidden talent for reporting at the local paper and starts a sweet romance with a charming cop, she starts to question whether she’d be better off building a new life than tearing her ex a new one. Just as she starts settling in, her work at the paper unearths a decades old cold case that threatens to turn the town against her and expose her criminal past. With time running out before the townsfolk discover her true identity, Amanda is faced with an impossible choice—turn her back on a fellow victim of crime or stand her ground and lose her precious freedom. 


Phoenixis the first book in an enthralling women’s fiction series. If you like compelling characters, nail-biting suspense, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Kimberly Packard’s small-town mystery. 


Some journeys are meant to be taken alone.


Or so Amanda Martin keeps telling herself while searching for her ex-boyfriend who framed her for securities fraud. 


A year after hiding in the small Texas town of Phoenix, she continues to the border to find Josh Williams, to bring him to justice. Mistakes from her sojourn in Phoenix, including accusing a woman of murder and breaking David’s heart, derail her vengeful plans. But she’s getting close. Too close… 


Josh should’ve stayed in Chicago to face his punishment rather than hiding out with his sinister client. A year in northern Mexico working for Rafael Vargas might as well be life in prison without parole, including the constant threat of death. 


Drinking was the only way David Stephens could both forget and remember Mandy. She’d destroyed his life, forcing him to jumpstart a new career with the Border Patrol.


When she reappears in his life, he shoves both anger and love aside to endure the Mexican desert. 


Amanda is forced to trust a man who betrayed her, and one who refuses to forgive her. Can Amanda, Josh and David bury their motives and grudges to survive?


How do you survive when you’ve lost all that you live for?


For the past eighteen months, Amanda Martin devoted her sole focus to bringing her ex, Josh Williams, to justice. With him vanished and David presumed dead, she desperately wants to forget everything. Until a mysterious priest arrives…


Hope is a son of a bitch. It wouldn’t let David Stephens move on and accept Mandy’s death. Then a descending assassin gives him an unlikely gift – a glimmer of faith that Mandy is still alive. 


The law isn’t just in Fallon Weatherby’s blood; it’s part of her genetic makeup. Following rules makes life less messy. But when an old friend asks her to step outside the boundaries, can she push aside her feelings when she is asked to break the law?


The conclusion of the Phoenix Trilogy, Prospera Pass brings together new allies, old enemies and the acceptance that the journey you set out for might not be where you belong. 

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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